In the Spotlight – Pacer Gary O’ Donovan

Where are you from?

Are you a member of a running or Athletics Club?
Yes, Bweeng Trail Blazer

What time are you pacing?
100 minutes

Is this your first time pacing the Cork City 10 Miler?
No, I have raced it many times and paced it for the last few years

Have you paced other races?
Yes Cobh 10 miler, Charleville HM, and a few more

Do you have any pre-race rituals?
Having a good breakfast and enjoying the big up with other runners

What will you eat the morning before the race?
Weetabix and bananas

Do you have any words of encouragement for this year’s race entrants?
All the hard work is done getting to the start line, have faith in yourself and smile even if it’s hard.

Do you have a top tip for this year’s race entrants?
Try and mirror the race timings, distance and elevation for this race.

I love pacing and giving back to people so I try and it make it fun!


Thank you Gary. See you on Race Day August 20th 2023.

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